Active works in progress

Bargaining and the Pigouvian Exploitation of Labor
presented at the 8th international conference of the Turkish Economic Association in September 2022

Intergenerational Fertility Transmission in the United States: New Evidence from the General Social Survey
to be presented at the 5th conference of Hacettepe University's Institute of Population Studies in November 2022

Three Experiments in British Economic History: Evidence from a Unified Growth Model
previously presented at various conferences and seminars

Completed papers

Technology Adoption, Innovation, and the South Korean Miracle

Epidemiological Underestimation: A Simple Algorithm for COVID-19 (with Ayça Tekin-Koru)

Published papers

Technology and Survival in Preindustrial England: A Malthusian View
Journal of Population Economics 2023 SSCI

Latent Social Distancing: Identification, Causes and Consequences (with Ayça Tekin-Koru)
Economic Systems, 46(1), 100944, 2022 SSCI

Growth, Distribution and Dynamic Inefficiency in Turkey: An Analysis of the Naïve Neoclassical Theory of Capital
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 59, 20-30, 2021 SSCI 

Technology, Growth Theory, and the First Industrial Revolution
Ekonomi-tek, 10(1), 1-21, 2021 Asos İndeks

Productivity Growth, Malthus Delusion, and Unified Growth Theory
Economics Bulletin, 40(2), 1112-1121, 2020 Scopus ESCI

Uneven Centuries: Economic Development of Turkey since 1820 by Şevket Pamuk, Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press, 2018, xvi + 352 pp. BOOK REVIEW
The Developing Economies, 58(1), 77-79, 2020 SSCI

Age and Wealth: An Analysis of Global Top Wealth Distribution
Turkish Journal of Population Studies, 42, 25-44, 2020

Introduction: An Overview of Economic Growth Dynamics in Turkey (with Arzu Akkoyunlu-Wigley & Selim Çağatay) BOOK CHAPTER
In: A. Akkoyunlu-Wigley, & S. Çağatay (Eds.) The Dynamics of Growth in Emerging Economies: The Case of Turkey (pp. 1-14). Routledge. 2019

Long-Run Economic Growth in Turkey: Sources, Pitfalls, and Prospects BOOK CHAPTER
In: A. Akkoyunlu-Wigley, & S. Çağatay (Eds.) The Dynamics of Growth in Emerging Economies: The Case of Turkey (pp. 15-47). Routledge. 2019

Innovation, Imitation, and the Nature of Economic Growth
Journal of Research in Economics, 2(2), 137-161, 2018 AEA EconLit

Economic Development in Turkey and South Korea: A Comparative Analysis
Boğaziçi Journal: Review of Social, Economic and Administrative Studies, 32(1), 1-28, 2018 Scopus TrDizin

Economic Growth and Technological Progress in Turkey: An Analysis of Schumpeterian Mechanisms
METU Studies in Development, 44(2), 129-154, 2017 TrDizin

Entrepreneurship, Knowledge, and the Industrial Revolution
Economics, 9(1), 20150003, 2015 SSCI

Other publications

MIDIS: A measure for latent social distancing (with Ayça Tekin-Koru)
VoxEU (Centre for Economic Policy Research), 2020

Good Governance for Ensuring Food Security and Nutrition in the OIC Member Countries (with Serdar Sayan, Lerzan Özkale, Tuğrul Temel & Pınar Kaynak)
Ankara: COMCEC 2020
Final Report of a Commissioned International Research Project

Reviewing Agricultural Trade Policies to Promote Intra-OIC Agricultural Trade (with Serdar Sayan, Lerzan Özkale, Sedef Akgüngör & Ayşegül Taşöz Düşündere)
Ankara: COMCEC 2019
Final Report of a Commissioned International Research Project

Growth and Demography in Turkey: Economic History vs. Pro-Natalist Rhetoric
Ankara: TEPAV 2013

Tackling Youth Unemployment: The Turkish Experience
In: The Future of Iran: Economic Reform - Conference Papers, London: The Legatum Institute 2013
Conference Proceeding